The farmers market at King John's Nursery

The farmers market at King John's nursery has been running since February 2018, but that wasn't the begining...

The market was originally in the village of Stonegate just 2 or 3 miles away and has been running for over ten years in the village hall. The village has no shops and the markjet was a great hub for the community. King John's nursery had a stall there for many yearss By 2017 the market needed a new home as the organisers could no longer continue to run it and thats when King John's nursery stepped in to see if the stallholders would like to relocate to Sheepstreet lane.

Although we are hidden away down the country lane we are between the villages of Ticehurst, Etchingham, Hurst Green, Burwash and Stonegate so could serve as the market for any of these villages. noine of which have a market.

The market is going from stregnth to stregnth but as with all farmers markets they do need the support of the community, so if you havn't visited before please do come along sometime.