Houseplant - Phlebodium

Phlebodium aureum 'blue star'

Common name - Hare-foot fern or golden polypody

The golden polypody is curious common name for one of the most wonderfully blue leafed plants there is for the home. A fantastic house plant and one of the easiest house ferns there are to grow.

The hairy feet creep along the surface of the compost throwing out fronds as they go.

One of the most stylish of house plants and also said to be one of the best for purifying the air. Its home is the tropical regions of the Americas and the Caribbean where it grows as an epiphyte on trees, of course this helps us know what it is likey to enjoy - good drainage but a damp atmosphere and warm temperatures, hence they particularly enjoy the humidity and diffused light of a bathroom and grow quite quickly.

All around a great house plant that every home should own.