Buglossoides purpurocaerlea - A little runner with dazzling gentian flowers



I feel some plants are hard done by and buglosoides purpurocaerulea is not a name to entice, nor is its common name creeping cromwell. And yet what a plant! a great doer that runs, layers and threads itself through other plants in a well drained soil. Its grey green lance shaped leaves setting off other plants with its low matt forming habit. I love the gentian blue star shaped flowers that keep apearing through early summer.

Although the colour is a 'wow' the plant is a back bone plant, a green foil for the solitary stunners and the bulbs. In the garden here it does very well creeping around the front of a semi shady bed hanging over the retaining wall and apearing between the cracks with its sparkling flowers.

Genus: Buglossoides
Species: Purpurocaerulea
Common name: Creeping gromwell or purple gromwell
Origin: Western Europe to Iran
Soil: Well drained
Hardiness: fully hardy
Height: 50cm
Season: April / May/ June
Light: Full sun or partial shade