Fairy hunt 20th March - 10th April

Those little woodland fairies will be back in the spring and judging by the chilly start to the year there will be more than ever!

Come and look around the garden for the little people and see what you can find. The fairy walk will be on every day we are open between 20th March and the 10th of April and costs £1.50 per child, normal garden tickets for adults.

We also have a display all about fairies with some genuine fairy artifacts found in the garden and also a very rare and early (1741) letter from a politicians daughter to her friend (respectable people in the community!) all about seeing hundreds of fairies.

Join us for a fairy tea in the cafe on the first day of spring 20th March. The day the little folk reappear, and feel free to dress up to make the fairys feel at home. all sorts of fairy themed cakes and other delights will be on offer.