News & Events

Check here often for the latest news and events that we’re hosting at King John’s Nursery and Gardens. We’ll be posting everything from what’s cooking in the cafe to the next up and coming event, and all else in between. If it’s worth talking about, it’s sure to be here!

Cranbrook Iron Makers Fair

5 August 2017 to 6 August 2017

The Cobnut Food Festival 8th and 9th July

8 July 2017Events

We are very excited to bring this new event to King John's Nursery & Garden. Loads of the best food producers in Kent and Sussex will be showing off their skills and giving you tasters. From farmers to restaurants everything that is great about the South Easts food scene will be represented here.

Vintage Fair June 3rd at King John's Nursery

3 June 2017Events

Our vintage fair is this Saturday 3rd June and with the best line up on vintage movers and shakers we have had it's set to be a fantastic day! The garden is looking absolutely stunning at the moment and there will be plenty of cake and lunch for all.

The fair starts at 11am until 5pm, please do spread the word.

Plant fair 6th May

6 May 2017Events

Our first plant fair at King John's. Plenty of specialist plant nurseries and stalls with other gardening related products. The garden is open for the National Garden Scheme so all proceeds from garden entry will go to there fantastic causes.

There will also be a display area with some specially chosen plants brought by each nursery. Whether they are rare, or the perfect garden plant you must grow or just special to the nursery (maybe the first plant they ever propagated) each plant should tell us a bit more about each nursery.

Fairy hunt 3rd - 16th April

3 April 2017 to 16 April 2017

They are back! the fairies emerge along with the flowers at King John's, this popular fairy hunt gets the children excited, inquisitive and imaginative as they wander around the garden looking for little fairy doors. This year we are combining it with a special spring watch day on Saturday 15th April. There will be the various activities for children to watch and learn about nature in spring time and do the fairy hunt. We also have a fairy tea in the cafe to re-energise after the hunt!